This is a page about me. If you want to see what I'm up to and interested in at the moment, read my now page.

Most recently

I made one of the first SEO apps for Shopify: Plug in SEO. It grew gradually, until in its final two years we had a team of up to eight, and were running a few different apps (some live on, others we killed) under the Plug in Useful brand.

Up until last year, if you'd asked me 'what do you do?', I'd have answered 'software engineer'. That's because, until then, I had spent most of my days writing software for others, or for my own B2B SaaS products.

In the last year of Plug in Useful I didn't open my terminal much. Instead, I built and ran the team and strategy, positioning the company for exit at the start of 2020.

Selling was a decision a long time in the making. I sold to SureSwift Capital, who were a pleasure to work with, and have been great custodians of the team and products I'd worked hard to build.