Daniel R. Sim

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Why I sold my profitable and growing Shopify apps

It’s been over seven years since I listed my first app in the Shopify app store. It was super-basic. So basic that I was slightly embarrassed to put it »

How to track your performance in the Shopify app store using Google Sheets

When we're looking at how we perform on the Shopify app store, segmenting the traffic to our listings gives us a lot more actionable data. Shopify tack a variety of »

How I hire engineers for a small SaaS

I find hiring one of the toughest things I do as a founder, and it's crucial to get right. I’ve hired engineers into large online retailers, a Fortune 500 »

How I made our first support hire

Like most entrepreneurs, when I started my Shopify app I did everything. Even though I'd been an engineer I filled every role. Juggling these roles was fine when the company »