Sometimes your hammer should go searching for nails.

In the past few decades, as the web, e-commerce, mobile devices, and software moving to the cloud became mainstream, there wasn't a company (that survived) that didn't consider these technologies. Now with advances in generative AI, another 'we should be using this' moment has emerged.

When a technology catalyst happens, it is valid, and required, to search for opportunities to apply that technology and rethink approaches. If you don't, you're dead now or later.

Think of the companies that either didn't embrace e-commerce, mobile, and cloud software, or were too slow to. They're gone, or a shadow of their former self.

So at shifts like we're seeing with AI now, it's imperative to go searching for nails in our organizations. There will undoubtedly be places where we can rethink our approaches, realizing leaps forward in customer value and efficiency.

Disrupt yourself before someone else does.

A solution in search of a problem