I distinctly remember the moment. I must've been 12 at the time. I was laying in bed listening, half asleep, half awake, to my white plastic digital clock radio.

Then a song came on that made me sit up. I turned up the volume so I could properly hear it. It was beautiful. Beautiful like no song I'd ever heard before was.

It was Blackbird by The Beatles. There was something about that song that made me feel alive and happy in a way that no other song had up until that point. I relished every second of it, and was a little sad when it finished.

Until I heard that song I wasn't really into music. Music was mostly something in the background that I liked, but didn't resonate with me on a deeper level. Gradually I developed my musical taste and amassed a CD collection. My taste turned out to be more modern than The Beatles, but still, that song was special like no other.

Sublime moments like that don't happen very often. Cherish them deeply when they do, and hold on to their memory.