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Use These 4 Metrics From VC-funded Companies To Grow Your Bootstrapped App

In my 23 years in software, I’ve worked at companies large and small, at different stages of growth, across self-funded, angel, and Series A to C. At each company »

Quitting Entrepreneurship, Getting A Job

Open up Indie Hackers or self-funded Twitter and you'll find a stream of folks excited to quit their job to work on the app they've built that's now reached $10k »

How to track your Shopify app listing using Google Analytics

If you're an app developer with a listing in the Shopify app store, you're going to want to understand how well your app listing is performing. How are people arriving »

Keeping my sh*t together during a failed and then successful exit

Exiting my Shopify app business [https://www.danielrsim.com/why-i-sold-my-profitable-and-growing-shopify-apps/] was one of the most mentally tough things I've ever done. Before, during, and after I worked with the licensed »

Adding keywords to your partner name - a good way to optimize your Shopify app listing?

App developers are now starting to change their partner names in the Shopify app store so that they rank higher... Shopify app developers are free to change their partner name »